BYU Employee Travel Exception Request

Prior to submitting a travel exception request, ensure that you have read and understand BYU's International Travel Policy. A request for a BYU Employee travel exception is made to the International Vice President and should include the following information:

Please have your department chair and dean send a separate email endorsement of your travel to the International Vice President. The endorsement should address why the travel is essential/critical to your assignment. The Chair and Dean should also include their assessment of the quality of the conference or collaboration, and assessment of any research colleagues.
Include all cities and areas of the country to be visited. If you are a faculty member who is submitting a request to return to a previous area for continuing research, you will need to submit a new proposal for a travel exception. In addition, please include the scholarly products that came from your previous visit.
Please breakdown the travel dates if traveling to more than one location.
Describe what type of research activities, type of conference, host institutions or colleagues, additional travel, etc.
List the hosts (agencies, individuals, universities, non-government organizations, etc.)
Name of hotel, guest house, location(s), etc.
Include what type, from where to where and with whom.
Please list any previous travel and language expertise in the travel destination(s).
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