International Insurance

BYU offers two premium traveler’s insurance plans through GeoBlue to help protect BYU students and BYU employees while traveling abroad. These premium GeoBlue international insurance plans include 100% coverage of up to $500,000 for medical care and medical evacuation, the cost of most prescription medications, and $100,000 of security, natural disaster, and political unrest evacuation coverage. There is no deductible.  

To qualify for GeoBlue international insurance, you must be a BYU student or fulltime BYU employee, and you must have continual primary insurance coverage through a primary insurance provider. GeoBlue only covers you during your time abroad. It does not cover continual medical care after you return to the United States.  Other benefits and exclusions apply.

Please read through each of these plans carefully before you register or enroll to ensure that you get into the correct plan, otherwise you may not have eligible insurance coverage through GeoBlue while you are abroad.


Full-time BYU Employee Plan

(Only for BYU Business Travelers who are not taking students abroad)

This GeoBlue "Business Traveler" insurance plan is only for full-time BYU employees (Faculty, Admin & Staff) who are going abroad on BYU business (research, conferences, work-related projects, etc.) without students.  If you are taking one or more students with you abroad, you do not qualify for this plan.  BYU students are not eligible for enrollment in this plan. If you are a study abroad faculty director, Athletics or Performing Arts director, or simply faculty taking students abroad, this plan is NOT for you. You need to enroll in the second plan below, Students, Program Directors, and Coordinators.

Click on the link below to see if you qualify for the BYU Business Traveler Plan. You will also find instructions on how to register and information on benefits and exclusions.

Register for the Business Traveler Plan



Students, Program Directors, and Coordinators Plan

Automatic Enrollment: If you are a faculty director or a student participant going on a BYU International Study Program (ISP), Individual Experience internship, Athletics Program, or Performing Arts Program, you will automatically be enrolled in GeoBlue insurance as part of your program cost. You DO NOT need to fill out the enrollment form.

Other Individual Travelers: Some BYU travelers (see examples below) need to fill out the online enrollment form for the GeoBlue insurance plan. If you fall into one of the following international traveler categories, click on the link at the bottom of the page to fill out the form. You will be billed for this insurance through your BYU My Financial Center account, or you can pay with a department account code.

Travelers include:

A BYU student going abroad as a Law Extern, Ballard Center Intern, ORCA, Gillman, or FLAS scholar.

A BYU student traveling with a BYU faculty member abroad for international conferences, research, etc.

A BYU faculty member or administrative employee taking students abroad.

A BYU ISP, Athletics, or Performing Arts director/employee traveling in order to do advance work for a future BYU student program abroad.  

This plan will NOT cover you in Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

If you have questions about your enrollment into this GeoBlue insurance plan, visit room 204 HRCB (David M. Kennedy Center), call 801-422-8687; or email

Enroll in the Student, Program Director, and Coordinator GeoBlue Plan